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Financial Resources — Did you know that there are many financial resources that can help people living with breast cancer? Find out more

Rally for the Cure — Golf, tennis, dinner events and so much more...

Go Passionately Pink to help save lives! — Just wear pink, have fun and raise money to fight breast cancer. Be inspired by the multitude of ideas right here, or think of your own. There are so many creative ways to have fun and fight breast cancer.

2013 Komen Inland Empire Race for the Cure

Mt San Jacinto College Team

Welcome to our Komen Race for the Cure® team page!

As a member of this team, we are each playing a part in helping Susan G. Komen for the Cure® end breast cancer forever.

Together, we are fueling the best science, boldest community and biggest impact in the fight against breast cancer. And we will not stop until this disease is gone forever. That’s our promise.
Will you please join us in this fight by making a donation today?

Mt San Jacinto College Team Raised
Elaine Eshom $0.00
Laurie McLaughlin $0.00
$150 Milestone Personal Gift Anni Albano $150.00
Dylan Alvayero $0.00
Miguel Alvayero $0.00
Personal Gift Elisabeth Anghel $15.00
Personal Gift Erica Ayala $110.00
Kristopher Barajas $0.00
Deidre Barriger $0.00
Crystal Binnie $0.00
Nancy Burleson $0.00
Stephanie Calvillo $0.00
Andy Camarena $0.00
Susana Camarena $0.00
carissa campos $50.00
Luz Castro $0.00
Diana Cervantes $0.00
Jose Cervantes $0.00
Justin Chapa $0.00
Israel Chavez $0.00
Cynthia Ching-Lee $0.00
Personal Gift Mary Costello $110.00
Frank Covarrubias $0.00
Neftali Daza $0.00
Eileen Doktorski $0.00
Robert Eshom $0.00
Sara esteban $50.00
kelly ferris $0.00
Staci Ferris $0.00
Brianna Foley-Aguayo $0.00
Kristine Frankel $0.00
Egor Garbuzov $0.00
Kristina Garcia $0.00
Jeanine Gardner $70.00
Johnathan Gulley $0.00
Ana Gutierrez $0.00
Gabriela Gutierrez $0.00
Keith Hanz $0.00
Taylor Harrison $0.00
Ashley Holt $0.00
Pat James $0.00
Kimmay Jenkins $0.00
David Johnson $0.00
Tracy Johnson-Damah $0.00
$150 Milestone Personal Gift Samantha Jones $285.00
Susan King $0.00
Ivan Kut $0.00
Jennifer Lopez-Woodson $0.00
Personal Gift Ann Mahrenholz $15.00
Jerusha Mann-Kazmier $0.00
steve mclaughlin $0.00
Kaye Melsheimer $0.00
Antonio Morales $0.00
Tracie Navarro $0.00
Rosario Padilla $0.00
Jacqueline ponce $0.00
Brandi Prater $0.00
Nolan Queen $0.00
Tony Ramirez $0.00
Nick Reeves $0.00
Esteban Rodriguez $0.00
Jessica Rosito $0.00
Daniel Russell $0.00
Mackenzie Russell $0.00
Megan Russell $0.00
Rose Russell $0.00
Jose Sanchez $0.00
Personal Gift Colleen Saunders $15.00
Sherri Sawyer $0.00
Personal Gift Roger Schultz $31.00
shayon shannon $0.00
Augy Soto $0.00
Penny Souvannarath $0.00
Anna Stirling $0.00
Hannah Talley $0.00
Toni Toth $0.00
Paisley Trent $0.00
Sandi Uhrig $50.00
Karli Valdez $0.00
Matthew Van Orsdel $0.00
Kristha Vargas $0.00
Annete Vazquez $55.00
Miguel Velasquez $0.00
Elli Vogt $0.00
$150 Milestone Nancy Weaver $150.00
Roy York $0.00
Team Gifts $125.00
Denotes a Team Captain

MSJC Celebrates 50 years of education
MSJC Celebrates 50 years of education

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